Steamboat Set (Red Grouper, Salmon Fillet & Tiger Prawns)

Price Per Combo

3kg Red Grouper

1 x Salmon Fillet 600g

1kg Tiger Prawns


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Steamboat is the go-to meal for any family gatherings, also a must have during CNY reunions! Get our steamboat set to have a variety of seafood at your hotpot meals!

Red Grouper is a classic dish during Chinese New Year like the Chinese Pomfret. It is prized for its attractive red skin and pearly white meat. Red grouper is a reef fish that comes in various shades of deep orange and yellow.

Salmon is one of the most economical seafood choices due to its constant demand over the years. Our salmon fish are farmed in Norway.

Farmed from a strict environment, daily shipment to port to ensure freshness to your doorstep. Grill them or stirfry, our tiger prawns are a must have during family meals!


Pack Includes: 3kg Red Grouper, 1x Salmon Fillet 600g, 1kg Tiger Prawns

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