Farmed Seabass Barramundi 金目鲈 450g

Price Per Fish (Approximate weight 450-500g)

Barramundi is one of the tastiest fish and it is very sustainable because it is raised in an environment that is sound and clean. Seabass is jampacked with Omega-3 acids and other numerous nutrients that make it a one-stop ingredient for people that want to boost their immune system. It can be flavoured by adding a small percentage of garlic, lemon, butter or basil.


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Barramundi Fish In Singapore

Farmed Sea bass / Barramundi has plain silver skin and may have spots. Barramundi fish has a narrow face with upper jaws stretched out over its lower jaws. It can be showcased in an aquarium, but since it grows quickly, therefore, should be transferred to a farm or open seawater.

Barramundi fish is found in salt and lake waters of the Asia Pacific region specifically the south Indian ocean. Barramundi is commonly eaten in Singapore and many Asian, European and American nations. This fish does not travel outside of the region therefore it is well known for its uniqueness which is only found in the South Indian-Pacific region. 

At FishMart we provide one of the freshest sea bass fish with free delivery for orders above $50.

”Sea Bass” is a name used for several species of fish in different locations. However, ‘Sea bass in Singapore’ is the alias of Barramundi.

Many may wonder why Singaporeans love this Fish. The reason is glaring – Barramundi fillet in Singapore is a crispy, tasty and tender fish that brings freshness to every meal.

The Barramundi is generally an excellent fish; it is safe and healthy. The nutritional benefits are immense. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, immune boosters and vitamins which nourishes and replenish the body’s worn-out cells.

Barramundi’s price in Singapore is always fluctuating due to its variations in demand. Generally, Sea bass price in Singapore ranges between $8 to $11 for every 450-500g.

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