About Us

Who we are

FishMart is a subsidiary of a wholesale fish business established by four seafood lovers with over 40 years of professional experience in catching and supplying all kinds of fresh seafood as Singapore’s leading seafood supplier.

We offer our customers a wide range of fresh seafood at really incredible and affordable prices. Our certified seafood wholesale fishmonger business gives customers offers and sales from time to time.

FishMart has been providing the Singapore community with fresh local seafood for over 40 years. Our main mission and objective are to provide the best, directly from Jurong fishery to seafood lovers, chefs, and restaurants. We take pride in being the leading fish supplier in all of Singapore.

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seafood wholesaler in Singapore

What makes FishMart unique

We are a leading fish supplier and seafood wholesaler in Singapore with a fresh seafood delivery service at wholesale prices that provides seafood to customers’ doorstep directly from the Jurong Fishery Port.

What separates us apart is our quality fresh seafood that we provide plus the fact that we try to cut out the middle man in process of delivering orders to customers, so this ensures that customers receive the freshest seafood ever.

Our vision

Our four co-founders realised that there are way too many middlemen between the fishermen and final consumers at home. So, Their mission and vision as the company founders is to provide and distribute fresh seafood and the most exclusive seafood from our facilities at FishMart located at Jurong Fishery Port in Singapore at an affordable price with the elimination of middle man.

Our transport fleet performs daily delivery with total efficiency, counting on refrigerated vehicles equipped with everything necessary to comply with approved refrigeration standards. In this way, our products arrive with total punctuality to our customers, in perfect condition and optimal state of conservation for your consumption. We guarantee the quality, variety, and freshness.

We supply fresh fish and seafood to main restaurants and hotels on the island, as well as to countless customers online.

If you own a restaurant or planning to open one, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.