Fillet Bundle (Salmon, Cod & Threadfin)

Price Per Combo

Norwegian Salmon Fillet 600g

Cod Fish Fillet 200g

Balai Threadfin Fillet 500g


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Product Description: Get the best of fillet in one bundle!

Pack Includes: Norwegian Salmon Fillet 600g + Cod Fish Fillet 200g + Balai Threadfin Fillet 500g


Please take note:

  • Prices are updated every few days based on seasonal pricing
  • Cleaning & gutting of fish included. Fish are weighed before cleaning and gutting.
  • All are encouraged to order 1-2days in advance if you are preparing for a gathering or party (just in case there’s a delay in delivery that day or no stock)
  • Threadfin, Red Grouper and Batang are sold as whole fish including head & bones (weighed first & packed separately after). The bones and fish head are good for cooking fish soup or porridge
  • Despite our best effort to debone for fillet, there might still be some fine bones that are undetected. Do take note when feeding your child.
  • For fillets, do look out for bones before cooking/consuming even though we do deboning (Batang fillets have middle section bones)
  • Note that frozen fish will not be 100% frozen due to the travelling time (kept chilled with ice to prevent air and bacteria from going in – it will still be fresh!)
  • Fish Mart SG reserves the rights to amend prices 1 day in advance due to the seasonal pricing of seafood. We will inform customers in advance for any changes made.


Delivery Information:

  • Enjoy free shipping for orders above $50
  • Order before 11pm for next day delivery (No deliveries on Monday)
  • You should receive your order from 6.30am – 1pm the next day
  • We will leave your order at your doorstep if there is no one to receive your order, your fish should still be fresh for a few hours as we pack our orders in a styrofoam box filled with ice.


Your satisfaction is our priority!

  • We do our best to ensure there is a constant supply of fresh fish. However, in the event that there are missing items in your order, please contact us and we will replace or provide a refund for the missing item.
  • If there is a discrepancy in product weight, please provide us with a picture proof and we will provide a satisfactory recovery on a case-by-case basis (Please note that products are weighed before cleaning and gutting)
  • Do PM us regarding any enquiries!
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