Yellowtail Fish 黄尾 500g

Price Per Fish (Approximate weight 500-600g – including fishbone and head)

The yellowtail fish is commonly used to make homemade fishballs, which will go along well with any steamboats. Also another popular option amongst kids!


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Yellowtail fish is a very famous fish in Singapore. The demand for this has made it one of the most treasured fish that can be raised using the aquaculture method. Sea farmer has long sought yellowtail fish eggs found underneath the seaweeds.

What is yellowtail fish?

This is a very tasty fish that is traditionally consumed during the winter season in cold countries where the higher fat content of consumable food is a necessity, but in Singapore, yellowtail fish is eaten throughout the year.

It is best served raw, wrapped in a thin-sliced of lettuce, top with fragrant sesame leaves and pasted with a hot delicious soup. In sushi restaurants, yellowtail fish is a well-served dish. Its flavorful and aromatic hot presentation is an eye-catcher to diner’s guest. Added to this is the topped garlic chilli that suits the palatability of the kids and young adults.

Yellowtail fish recipes

Homemade balls from yellowtail fish are made available in malls and found their way in a most household kitchen. Preparation of this consumed less time for working moms.

Yellowtail fish can be prepared in a variety of ways. One of these preparations is serving delicious soup with lightly fried yellowtail fish coupled with served avocado and cucumber roll topped with delicious hot sauce.

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