Balai Threadfin Fillet 午鱼 500g

Price Per Piece (Approximate weight 500g)

Threadfin fillet is an excellent fish for your baby’s first meal and for new mothers. The meat is quite fine, and it’s typically used to make baby fish porridge. The skin of higher quality threadfins is usually golden yellow in colour. It is also good for recovering patients and the elderly.


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Balai Threadfin Fillet

Balai threadfin fillet is also known as Balai or Ngor Her. It is a go-to fish for infants and nursing mothers. This fish is popular for supplying essential nutrients required for a child’s development and increases the availability of breastmilk in breastfeeding mothers. Children’s brain development is aided, and lactating moms’ breastmilk production is increased.

There are two distinct types of Threadfin fillet – The Economical Version and the premium Indian Threadfin

The economical version has 4 thread-like filaments or whiskers. While Indian Threadfin has 5 thread-like filaments and a golden yellow hue to the skin. These are the two most regularly encountered variants on the market and FishMart SG provides the premium Balai Threadfin fillet in Singapore.

Fillets are deboned and can be sliced into little pieces if needed, making them suitable for children’s consumption. You have the option of specifying how you want your threadfin prepared; most parents buying for their babies will request that it be cut into small bits or halves. Balai Threadfin has a golden colour to their skin and five threadlike rays under their pectorals when collected in the wild. It is popular among the locals since it is both delicious and healthy.

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