Black Pomfret 黑鲳鱼 400g

Price Per Fish (Approximately 400-500g)

Fresh black pomfret is commonly seen paired together with sambal chilli or served deep-fried. But high-quality ones are often a culinary delight when steamed. It is also considered the more affordable pomfret available as compared to the Chinese Pomfret and White Pomfret.


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What Kind Of Fish Is Black Pomfret?

Black pomfret fish is an elitist fish usually caught from south China and on the northern coast of Singapore and it is wild-caught. It has great health benefits and uses for certain medical conditions as well.

what is black pomfret fish

Benefits Of Black Pomfret Fish In Singapore

Black pomfret fish is high in vitamins D. In general, it contains lots of essential minerals like Iron, Zinc, Iodine and selenium. It is also a good source of Vitamins which maintains a healthy body.

1. Decrease Depression

Consuming the black pomfret fish will decrease the risks of depression. This can be said since one of the causes of depression is a low level of Omega 3 fatty acid. Therefore, consuming this fish every day can help you to make sure that you have the Omega 3 needed.

2. Prevent Rachitic

As osteomalacia usually attacks adults, rachitic is the bone disease that sometimes attacks children. The main cause of this disease may be a lack of Vitamin D and minerals in the bones, thus disturbing the development of the bones. The disease will make the bones weak and not strong enough. One of the solutions to this is to let the children consume foods with vitamin D in them such as the black pomfret fish.

3. Decrease The Risk Of Breast Cancer

The black pomfret fish is capable of preventing the cancer cells from multiplying in the body. This is especially useful for breast cancer.

4. Takes Care Of Anaemia

One of the substances inside the black pomfret fish is the iron that goes up to 2mg. The function of Iron itself is to help to recast and reproduce the haemoglobin. HB(haemoglobin) is one in charge of erythrocytes (red blood cells), which may surely help those of you who are suffering affected by anaemia.

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