Cod Fish Fillet 鳕鱼片 200-300g

Price Per Piece (Approximately 180-200g).

Cod fish is every family’s favourite! Best served steamed with fried garlic and ginger! Fresh cod fish is a white fish. This fish is the most widely distributed member of the Gadidae family. Fresh codfish fillet in Singapore lives in the cold and temperate seas of the north. It lives between 4 and 6 degrees of temperature.


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Cod Fish Fillet In Singapore

Cod fish fillet is one of the most appreciated fish for the quality of its protein and its few calories. Consumed since ancient times, the cod fillet was traditionally salted and was an excellent way to consume it for those populations far from coastal ports.


  • Fresh cod fish colour can be reddish, greenish, or light grey
  • Young fresh cod has spots on the back and sides.
  • Cod fish has three dorsal fins, two anal fins, and a non-forked tail
  • Fresh cod fish found in Singapore have very small scales
  • Cod fish fillet head and mouth are large while its eyes are small
  • The upper jaw of cod fish is prominent, with small, strong teeth
  • Cod fish body is slender, with a very thin tail root
  • Fresh cod can inhabit depths of 1,200 meters.

Benefits Of Cod Fish Fillet

Fresh cod fish in Singapore is an excellent option if you want to invest in health. Cod fish fillet is a type of white fish that is very beneficial in a healthy and balanced diet.

1. It is a low-fat fish

Fresh cod fish is light, contains very little fat, and is also low in calories, making it an ideal food to maintain a healthy diet and a balanced weight. In fact, a cod fillet is one of the fish with a lower percentage of fat, around 1% of its weight.

2. Contribution of Omega-3 to reduce cholesterol

The little amount of fat that cod fish fillet calories are made up, in large part, of Omega-3 fatty acids, essential to help our body reduce blood cholesterol levels. In addition, Omega-3 also contains anti-inflammatory properties and is important to protect our heart and our cardiovascular system.

3. Nutrients and vitamins

The different properties of cod fish fillet are very beneficial for the body, especially for a healthy mind. The nutrients in this white fresh cod fish are involved in functions such as concentration, improvement, and intellectual performance. It is rich in Zinc, Phosphorus, proteins, Selenium and Vitamin D.

4. Exquisite taste

There is no doubt that cod fish fillet in Singapore is a fish with an exquisite taste, highly appreciated in the kitchen. In addition, the cod fish fillet meat is very tasty, firm, and honeyed, while its smooth texture and consistency make it an ideal fish for all ages, that is one of the reasons why fresh cod fish in Singapore is an expensive fish.

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Salt. Cod fish became very popular in Asian countries, thanks to its high salt content, a natural preservative that made it easier to move and consume for longer.

Cod fish is considered to be a white fish its fat content does not exceed 2%. But, when it is dried and salted, its fat concentration increases and it becomes a bluefish.

Fresh cod fish fillet is very easy to digest and has little fat content. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iodine.

Fried cod fillet is extremely healthy and has an excellent flavour that everyone loves.

Cod fish fillet is a food that has many nutritional benefits for the baby, and once mixed with rice it becomes every baby’s best meal.

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