Salmon Fillet 三文鱼 600g

Price Per Piece (Approximately 600g)

Fresh salmon fillet has been a staple food in Singapore for decades. Adult salmon fillet continues to fetch a high price on the market. At FishMart we offer salmon delivery in Singapore at the most affordable prices.


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Fresh Salmon Fillet In Singapore

Salmon is a saltwater fish that nevertheless breeds in freshwater. Fresh salmon is an anadromous species, and it passes from the cold seas to the rivers where the laying and fertilisation of the eggs take place. When the migration begins is when their meat is at its best.

Salmon fish size is variable depending on the species, which in some cases can produce specimens up to 45 kg in weight and over 1.5 meters. of length. Salmon fish is a wild-caught species; however, its current wide availability derives from industrialised production through aquaculture. Almost 100% of the salmon produced in Singapore at FishMart derives from aquaculture activities. The two most important varieties of intensive farming in Singapore aquaculture are Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon fish or also known as Coho salmon fish. Both varieties are physically similar, but their growth and production cycles are different.

Salmon Fillet

The feeding of fresh salmon in Singapore is a highly technical and scientifically elaborated process. The most important components of the artificial diet of salmon are fishmeal and fish oil. Both products are obtained from the industrialised capture of oceanic fish such as horse mackerel, sardines, and anchovies, among others. The flour provides the salmon fillet with essential macro and micronutrients and the oil, in addition to constituting an important energy supply, allows it to incorporate the omega-3 AGPICL essential for its growth and development. Salmon fish belongs to the so-called “blue fish”, which are those fish that have a high content of adipose tissue.

Vitamins In Salmon Fillet (100g)

  • The presence of phosphorus in salmon fish helps improve and accelerate the functioning of brain cells, strengthen memory and prevent such a dangerous disease as atherosclerosis. It is recommended to use this fish with systematic and heavy mental stress
  • Magnesium, contained in slightly salty and salty salmon, will help to normalise the functioning of the nervous system
  • Salmon in Singapore has potassium that helps improve the work of the cardiovascular system, improve blood pressure
  • It is useful to eat fresh salmon to prevent vision problems, as it contains enough vitamin A
  • Frequent use of slightly salted salmon fillet has a positive effect on the strength and health of nails, teeth and hair
  • Fresh salmon in Singapore has a rejuvenating effect at the cellular level and on the body in general
  • It will benefit the immune system, strengthen it, help in the fight against vitamin deficiency and anemia
  • Salmon fish participates in metabolism, normalises it
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