Combo 1 (Codfish Fillet, Batang Steak, Salmon Fillet)

Price Per Combo

1 x Codfish Fillet 200g

2kg Batang Steak

1 x Salmon Fillet 600g


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Value for money combo including fish perfect for every meal!

Codfish is every family’s favourite! Best served steamed with fried garlic and ginger! One of our best sellers, our emperor premium-grade cod fish is what you should stock up on!

Mostly used in fish soup, it is an essential ingredient in our local eateries. Easy to prepare due to its scaleless body and high meat yield. It is also commonly referred to as Batang as well.

Salmon is one of the most economical seafood choices due to its constant demand over the years. Our salmon fish are farmed in Norway.


Pack Includes: 1 x Codfish Fillet 200g, 2kg Batang Steak, 1 x 600g Salmon Fillet

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