Steamboat Shrimp Paste 火锅虾滑 150g (HOT SELLING!)

Each Pack Includes 150g Shrimp Paste

Shrimp paste has a strong smell, and it is salty. Shrimp paste is commonly used as a cooking ingredient in many Asian dishes especially in Singapore. Shrimp paste makes appearances in curries and sauces. Typically, shrimp paste in Singapore can be either dry and firm, or moist and saucy. The moist and saucy shrimp paste steamboat is easy to prepare.


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Shrimp Paste In Singapore

No steamboat is complete without shrimp paste! Made with 95% real shrimp.

Shrimp paste in Singapore contains ground-up fermented shrimp and salt. This paste goes by a number of names, including prawn sauce, shrimp sauce, or bagoong. Many imported ones sometimes have preservatives added as well, but most of these packaged and sold in Singapore contain only these two ingredients. FishMart provides this product pasteurised for purity and then it is canned to be sold in plastic tubs. Best shrimp paste ranges in colour from light pink to deep reddish-brown colour.

Usually, the preparation of the best shrimp paste dates back to the 18th century and has a strong root in southern Thailand, where the best type would be harvested, mixed with salt, and spread on bamboo mats so that it can dry under the sun and be transformed into fermented paste. Once dried, it lasts for months. Naturally, the practice spread throughout neighbouring countries including Singapore; Steamboat shrimp paste still represents an important industry in Asian countries.


Throughout Southeast Asia, shrimp paste steamboat goes by many names and may, in fact, be made from things other than shrimp or krill (small, transparent shrimp). This is often used in cooking along with various other condiments, sautéed and eaten with white rice, or you can top it on green mangoes.

Best shrimp paste steamboat can range in flavour from salty to salty-sweet. The paste in Singapore has a taste that is savoury and salty, with a strong concentrated shrimp taste. However, throughout Singapore, the best type varies in terms of its taste, saltiness, and colour depending on the process and the fish or seafood added, among other factors. Prawn paste (or shrimp sauce, as some brands call it) is available at affordable prices in Singapore from FishMart.

Nutrition and Benefits

The best paste is very salty, so if you are on a reduced-sodium diet or pregnant, Har Cheong Gai is not recommended; 100 grams contains 6,000mg of sodium. Steamboat Shrimp Paste is a real crowd favourite in Singapore. It is very easy to use it, simply cut open the tip of the packaging and squeeze it.

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