Flower Crab 花蟹 (Seasonal) 180-220g

Price Per Crab (Approximate weight 180-220g)

The flower crab is a favourite crab for many in Singapore. It is naturally sweet and best served steamed with light seasoning to retain its natural flavour. It is easy to cook and a very healthy seafood option.

Seasonal item – we will inform you within 24hrs if the item is out of stock.


Out of stock

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The best flower crab in Singapore

Flower crab is loved in Singapore and it is very popular due to its sweetness and tenderness. And since it is a wild-caught, it makes it a favourite seafood for many in Singapore. Flower crabs are usually available throughout the year, however, they get spawned in autumn. This shellfish can be cooked by boiling, steaming and grilling. FishMart as a leading seafood supplier provides the freshest flower crab in Singapore.

How do you clean flower crabs before cooking?

Steps to clean the flower crab:

Step 1: You need to flip the crab upside down, then lift the flap and remove it.

Step 2: You now need to remove the top shell of the crab.

Step 3: Also, on both sides of the crab, you need to remove the gills.

Step 4: Finally, use running water to rinse the crab, then cut it.

How do you steam flower crab?

Step 1: Boil water in a large pot and add a pinch of salt.

Step 2: Place the crab in a steamer basket and place it in the pot. The crabs beneath will boil but the rest above will be steamed.

Step 3: Keep boiling for 10 to 20 minutes depending on size and number being steamed.

Flower crab facts

  • The flower crab can also be called The Blue Swimmer.
  • The male flower crabs are blueish colour and the females have green/brown colour
  • Their bodies can grow from 5-7cm up to 20cm wide
  • Flower crabs can stay under mud or sand for a long period
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