Gong Gong 贡贡 1kg

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Gong Gong, or Pearl Dog Conch Sea Snails, is one of the most unique shellfish and one of Southeast Asians favourite! Have it steamed to retain its natural sweetness!


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What is gong gong?

Gong gong is a popular seafood in Singapore also known as Sea Snails. The snail-like seafood has a lot of protein which makes it beneficial for all and sundry. Looking for where to buy gong gong in Singapore? Look no further as FishMart gives you the best of Seafood at the best prices.

Unlike snails, gong gong hops instead of creeping on the surface. Due to its hopping nature, its features also adapts to support it.

A very popular to cook gong gong is to take it with chilli sauce.

  1. You gently scrub the gong gong shells with a brush and rinse.
  2. Then steam the shells for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the chilli sauce with the ingredients of your choice.
  3. Mix with the sauce. Serve hot.


Gong Gong is eaten with toothpicks which are used to remove the meat from the shell slowly. However, you would need patience but it is worth it!

Gong means silly and blur in Singapore. However, a more accurate meaning of the word used for seafood is in its Malay origin. The word sipput dongdong in Malay refers to the gong gong seafood. Where sipput means snail and gongong is an onomatopoeia for a dog’s bark.

Gong gong means “Pearl Dog Conch Sea Snails” in English. Some simply know it as “conch” or “whelk”.

Gong gong is high in  protein. It also contains selenium and vitamin B12 among others.

Gong Gong sea snails
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