Lobster 龙虾 400-600g

L: 200-300g per piece

XL: 400-500g per piece

The premium shellfish of all time, lobsters are the highly prized seafood you should get to treat yourself! Get our premium lobsters at affordable prices now! Our lobsters are cleaned and immediately packed using IQF method. IQF stands for individual quick freezing; Freeze immediately after caught to ensure its freshness.


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How healthy is lobster?

One of the queens of the great banquets, without a doubt, is the lobster seafood. Lobster is a food rich in nutrients, especially in proteins of high biological value, which promote the development of healthy muscles. In addition, as lobster hardly has any carbohydrates or fats, frozen lobster is ideal in the diet of athletes and people who perform diets to combat overweight.

On the other hand, lobster has richness in iodine, benefits metabolism, and helps the proper functioning of cells. This is especially recommended in children’s growth stages. Likewise, buy lobster because of its contribution to zinc is essential for the immune system to prevent cardiovascular diseases and is necessary for the maintenance of bones.

How do you cook a lobster?

Lobster is often one of the most expensive items on the menu in fine restaurants, but it is fairly easy to prepare at home. You can buy lobsters in Singapore from FishMart with free lobster delivery (with orders above $50) and boil them, or just cook the tails.

There are several reasons why fresh lobster is cooked immediately after killing. One is because that way the lobster muscles are less tense, avoiding chewy textures. There are two basic ways to cook the best lobster. The first is to introduce lobster seafood live to boiling water (they take approximately 15 minutes per kilo) and the second is to put fresh lobster directly on the grill, split in half.

FishMart offers lobster delivery in Singapore at the best prices. The lobster price is around $20-$25 per 300g-500g.

The only parts to avoid are the intestinal tract: the black line that runs through the tail and the sac just behind the eyes, which includes the brain, stomach, and other organs. Anything else is edible.

The green stuff found in a lobster is called the tomalley. The Tomalley is the pasty substance edible green-yellow serving as liver and pancreas in a frozen lobster.

If left uncooked, lobster will spoil within hours. This is the reason why fresh lobster are often boiled alive. After boiling, lobster meat will last three to four days in the refrigerator. If it a frozen lobster, it can last for several months.

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