cook fresh fish for healthy lifestyle

How to Cook Fish for a Healthy Meal

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Table of Contents

Benefits of Eating Fish for a Healthy Diet

Fish is an important part of a healthy diet. It provides the human body with omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for a healthy heart and brain. Fish also provides protein to the human body, which helps with muscle growth and maintenance. The first step to cooking your fresh fish at home is opting in to receive a fresh fish delivery in Singapore. This way you can focus on cooking the rest of the meal and have freshly-cooked fish on the table.

The benefits of eating fish for a healthy diet are wide-ranging. Fish can provide significant benefits to your mood and mental health as well as your physical health. The omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish have been shown to be more effective than prescription medication in some cases at relieving depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders such as bipolar disorder.

In addition, fish contains many nutrients that contribute positively to your physical health. Omega-3s help decrease inflammation throughout the body while helping regulate blood sugar levels and reducing triglycerides in the bloodstream.

Best Types of Fish for Your Health Goals

Salmon is the perfect fish for your health goals because it’s high in protein, low in fat, and contains omega-3 fatty acids.
Salmon is a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight and manage their cholesterol. It is high in protein, low in fat, and contains omega-3 fatty acids that are not found in many other types of fish.
The author, Dr. David Allen, discusses how salmon can be used to achieve a healthy lifestyle. He talks about how salmon is high in protein and low fat and also contains omega-3 fatty acids that are not found in many other types of fish but are helpful for managing cholesterol levels.

Threadfin is also a great choice because it has an abundance of protein but is lower in fat and cholesterol. Threadfin is not just a great choice because of its abundance of protein but also because it has less fat and cholesterol than other fish. The threadfin is a type of wild-caught fish that is an excellent choice for those who are looking to include more protein in their diet. The threadfin fish also has less fat and cholesterol than other types of fish which makes it a healthy option for those who need to watch their intake.

Cod fish is not as beneficial to your health as salmon or threadfin but can still be a source of healthy fats and protein. Cod is a species of fish that is categorised as belonging to the order Gadiformes and the family Gadidae. Cod fish can be a great source of protein, but it may not be as healthy as other types of seafood like salmon or threadfin. Cod contains high levels of mercury which can cause adverse effects on your health like tremors and memory loss.

Tips for Cooking Fresh Fish at home during lockdown

For starters, buy the freshest fish possible. Cut the queue by going to fish markets specially during phase 2, and order your fresh fish from FishMart SG to have it delivered to you the next day. The best indicator for freshness is how shiny and slippery it is on the outside. Smell it too if possible-you should not be able to detect any hint of ammonia or other unpleasant odours when you do so.

If you are buying your fish from a supermarket, the fish is usually a few days old and it has been sitting in the supermarket for quite a sometime, so I would not really label it as “fresh”! That is where FishMart SG is your best option as we catch the fish and straight away dispatch to the customers from our port in Jurong Fishery every single day.

The next tip is to choose your cooking method carefully depending on what type of seafood you are cooking. For instance, for those cooking fresh fish fillets, it is best to use a frying pan over a high-temperature stove or grill. If you are having the whole fish for a family of 4, I suggest to go with red grouper and steam this fish in oven to get the best steamed fish and it only takes 15mins of your time.

The ultimate guide to buying fresh fish in Singapore. Click here to read.

Cooking Steps for Pan-Frying Fresh Fish

One of the most popular cooking techniques is pan-frying. It’s quick, easy, and requires only a few ingredients. There are a few steps to follow when pan-frying fresh fish fillets:

1) Preheat the pan with 1 tablespoon of oil on medium heat
2) Place the fish in the pan, skin side down
3) Cook for about 2-3 minutes on skin side, then flip over and cook for another 3 minutes
4) Remove from heat, squeeze some lemon on top and eat immediately

Cooking Steps if Steaming Your Fish

Depending on what type of recipe you are going to follow to steam your fish, but for me personally I like Thai style steamed fish. Here is how I would steam a red grouper or a barramundi:

1. Add enough water to fill the bottom of your steamer with at least an inch or two of water

Tip! If you do not have a steamer like me, then use your oven and fill one of the bottom trays with water to act as a steamer! and on the top tray put your fish for steaming.

2. Bring the water to a boil
3. Place the fish on a rack in a shallow dish and set it in the steamer, cover, and steam for about 10-15 minutes or until flaky
4. Remove from heat and serve

Conclusion: The Benefits of Eating Fish For a Healthier Lifestyle

There are a number of ways in which eating fish can improve your health. A diet rich in fish can reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, and sudden death. Fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to brain function and protect against age-related cognitive decline.

A diet rich in fish will also help to keep your weight in check by increasing lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat mass. This will help you live longer since obesity is linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health problems.

Shop your fish online at FishMart SG and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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