Threadfin Whole (Balai Ngor Her) 午鱼 3/4kg

Price Per Fish – 3kg or 4kg Balai Threadfin (Including fish head and bones)

Balai Threadfin is a fish that is popular amongst families with newborn babies as threadfins are known to provide essential nutrients required for a child’s development.

In Hokkien, Balai Threadfin is otherwise referred to as “Ngoh Her.” It is whitish and with massive flesh that is tasty, crispy, and soft in appearance. It tastes best when simmered or used to make fish porridge or soup.


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What is threadfin balai fish

The Threadfin fish is a mouthwatering fish that is loved by many parents because of its delicious and nutritional value to children in Singapore. Threadfin in Singapore is commonly called Balai Ngor.

Both the head and the bones can be harnessed in making highly nutritional broth and the threadfin price in Singapore is affordable as FishMart delivers your fresh fish at a wholesale price.

Hardly is any part of this fish is wasted because of its all-around nutritional value. Some customers are usually thrown into confusion when buying the Threadfin fish because of its semblance with other fishes, but then, you can easily identify it through the five threads below its head.

Threadfin for baby is very safe and virtually all of its parts are edible.

They are low in mercury and this crowns its suitability as a vital constituent in babies’ meals.

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3 Kg, 4 Kg



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