guide to how to buy fresh fish

How to Buy Fresh Fish: the Definitive Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Tips for Finding the Freshest Fish at the Market

There are many factors that can affect the freshness of a fish. One major factor is temperature. Fish should be stored in refrigerated temperatures to keep them fresh.

Fish cannot be held at room temperature for more than two to four hours while they are still alive and there is a chance that they will spoil. If you buy the fish early in the morning, it will have been in a cold fridge all night and should be fine for up to six hours.

It’s also important not to store your fish with vegetables or other produce because the produce releases gases which help accelerate spoilage and even lead to bacterial growth on your fish. The best place for storing your fish is on top of ice, or if you don’t have any ice, put them in a container with cold water and tightly.

The easiest way to find the freshest fish is to ask a fishmonger for his or her opinion. You may also want to consider the type of fish you are looking for, such as a lean whitefish or oily salmon. Freshness can be determined by smell, sight, and touch.
At FishMart SG we solve the the problem for consumers who are looking for fresh seafood delivery in Singapore by providing a port to door service! What we aim to do is to cut the middle men by providing fresh fish straight from the Jurong Fishery Port to your home.

2. What Types of Fish are good to eat?

Fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve heart health, fight depression and reduce the risk of developing dementia.
There are many types of fish that are good to eat. Some popular types include salmon, halibut, Batang, barramundi, soon hock, and many more.

Learn how to cook fish for a healthy meal.

3. Where is the Safest Place for Buying Seafood Online?

Seafood is a popular food that has a variety of health benefits. The question of where to buy seafood online can be controversial, with many people stating that they are concerned about the quality and safety of the product they are ordering.

With this in mind, FishMart SG is the safest place for buying your seafood online, as we catch the fish and deliver to your doorstep all within the same day, so you will receive the freshest fish ever.

4. Three Scientifically Proven Ways to Tell If Your Fish is Fresh

The three scientifically proven ways to tell if your fish is fresh are:
1. Observe the colour of the fish.
2. Look for scales on the surface of the fish, and
3. Check with a brix meter to see if it is fresh enough to eat or not (not recommended).


Buying fish can be frustrating at times because of all the decisions you have to make. One of the most important decisions is deciding on which kind of fish to buy. You need to consider texture, taste, nutrition and price. Therefore we provide extensive information about different kind of fish and a platform to order them online without the hassle of deciding if the fish is fresh or not!

If you reside in Singapore and want to have great tasting fish without spending a lot of money and time to source the best one, visit FishMart SG to order your favourite fish online.

We have a huge variety of fresh fish in our online store, so you can enjoy the most popular items like salmon, red grouper or cod. If you are looking for something more exotic like red snapper, sea bass or pomfret we have that too.

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