Ang Go Li, White Snapper 红哥里鱼

Cut Type: Whole (400-500g) or Steak (1kg about 7-8 pieces)

Fresh white snapper fish, also known as Ang Go Li, commonly used in making fish curry and it is great for fighting inflammation. It is popular in Singapore as it is tender and yummy in the mouth when eaten.


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Ang Go Li Fish, White Snapper or Sea Bream

Ang go li fish also known as white snapper or sea bream. It is a type of seafood popularly meant for cooking curries compared to other snappers. Ang go li fish head contains anti-inflammatory properties which directly strengthens the immune system. This white snapper is commonly found in fish head restaurants.

This White Snapper fish is crispy and fatty and the head is enjoyed by many, especially when utilised in preparing Fish Curry. The Ang go li fish head, along is patronised by a plethora of Singaporeans during their visit to restaurants. FishMart provides the freshest seafood in Singapore that makes it easy for all to shop seafood online.

The flesh of these fishes are a little bit similar but don’t flake like other grouper like the red snapper. Research shows that ang go li fish head is booming well in Singapore because of its excellent texture when cooked with curry, quickly absorbing the curry when lifted.

Ang go li fish (angoli) originated from Indonesia, is one of the best seafood in Singapore because of its texture and taste when cooked with curry. Ang go li fish it is also known as white snapper.

After getting a profitable idea on Ang go li fish in Singapore, you have to create a time to purchase this hot sale. The fresh white snapper is considered one of the best seafood around the globe. In English, the Ang go li Fish is known by many names, including:

  • White snapper
  • Sea bream
Sea bream, ang go li, white snapper fish

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Fillet, Steak, Whole


1 Kg, 400 – 500g

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