Soon Hock 壳鱼 900g

Price Per Fish (Approximate weight 900g)

Soon Hock fish, or Marbled Goby, is a premium freshwater fish that is highly popular in many Asian countries including Singapore, which makes this fish rather expensive. People love the Soon Hock fish in Singapore for its beautifully white flesh, with incredibly delicate texture and lightly sweet flavour.


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Soon Hock Fish

Soon Hock fish are usually found in freshwater and brackish water habitat. Examples of such environments are rivers, swamps, reservoirs, and canals. These fish only migrate within freshwater and they always prefer non-moving water with a lot of aqua flora. Soon Hock fish is also able to survive without water for a few days and they are able to breathe by holding air in their mouth.

Soon Hock fish in Singapore provided by FishMart has an average size of 900grams. In nature, these fish are mostly motionless and ambush their prey and catch their prey by surprise.

Why is soon hock Fish so expensive?

Soon Hock is a highly valued and expensive fish that is a delicacy to many countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. Because soon hock fish in Singapore are not only caught from the wild but also reared in cages and ponds and cost a lot of money to rear them. This is one of the reasons why this fish price in Singapore is high and expensive.

In most parts of Singapore, the only places you can have this fish are in seafood restaurants, where soon hook price can get really high, and demand for it is also very high.

What is soon hock in English?

Soon hock is called marbled goby in English language and it can be found in both freshwater and brackish water, Soon Hock fish occurred naturally only in brackish water habitats some decades ago. The colonisation of this soon hock seafood in Singapore’s freshwaters can be attributed to the deliberate introduction by people.

Characteristic of soon hock

Colour: The body of soon hock fish in Singapore is mostly dark brown on the surface above and mostly pale brownish colour underneath. the body of this fish generally has a lot of large, dark blotches and the fins have black tinges alternating with the white.

Fin composition: A translucent membrane covers up the hard spines and the soft rays of this fish, making up the fins.

Body: With an elongated body with a cylindrical, blunt head. And the mouth is about the same width as the eyes.

Sex determination: The male version of this fish has a longer caudal fin and caudal peduncle lengths.

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