Batang (Spanish Mackerel) 巴丹鱼 (马鲛鱼排) 2kg-2.2kg

Price Per Fish – 2kg Batang (Including fish head and bones)

Batang fish also known as Spanish mackerel mostly used in fish soup, it is an essential ingredient in our local eateries. Easy to prepare due to its scaleless body and high meat yield. It is also commonly referred to as Batang.


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Is Batang fish same as Spanish mackerel?

The Spanish Mackerel in Singapore, locally known as Batang, is commonly used to make fish soups and otah. These fish have long, striped body with no scales.

They are found to be good swimmers as they swim at high speed across the open waters of the oceans and seas. This high speed is attained by a rich network of blood vessels in their muscular flesh which is just underneath their silvery skin.

Is Spanish mackerel a good fish to eat?

It is among the most popular seafood in Singapore, it is a highly nutritious and good food to eat. FishMart SG provides the tastiest Spanish mackerel originate from Pengarang, a city that is in close proximity to Singapore.

Is Batang fish healthy?

The key to the good taste of all fish lies in freshness. So, to have a tasty and healthy Batang steak, it should be caught fresh. Good quality and tasty Batang are mostly found in Ujang Pandang (Now known as Makassar) in the South Sulawesi region. The price of Batang fish varies from season to season. One can easily get good quality and tasty Batang fish at FishMart SG.

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