New Zealand King Salmon 1.6-1.8kg

Price Per Piece (Approximate weight 1.6-1.8kg)

New Zealand King Salmon is one of the most economical seafood choices due to its constant demand over the years. Our NZ King salmon is only available for a short period of time due to its limited stocks. Get yours while stocks last!


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Benefits of New Zealand king salmon

New Zealand King salmon is the largest of all salmon, with the highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. NZ salmon meat is softer and more delicate than other salmon. The flavour of New Zealand King Salmon is rich and full of buttery, a texture that is silky and large soft flakes.

In addition, compared to other types of salmon, it has the highest oil content. This greatly reduces the risk of overcooking. New Zealand king salmon in Singapore has an elegant balance of sweet flavours, which can be complemented well with ingredients from different cuisines.

New Zealand king salmon price is affordable at FishMart.

Is king salmon good to eat?

King Salmon has a unique muscular structure makes it a buttery and smooth fish, easy to cut, it is so light in the mouth that it covers the palate in an unbeatable way.

Is king salmon rich in mercury?

Mercury is a heavy metal with toxic effects that is present in different environmental sources such as lakes, rivers, and oceans, where fish and other animals absorb small amounts due to water pollution. King Salmon has a low mercury content as developed by the FDA.

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